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Hiking the North Kettles

Wander, Don’t ​Wonder: The Beauty of Collaboration

When I dreamt up the idea of this blog, my main goal was to foster community. I wanted to immerse myself in my new home...
Pieper Porch Winery Wisconsin

Pieper Porch Winery & Vineyards: A Place to Wine Down

I find nothing more exciting than a true success story. An idea put into action, a hobby becoming a fruitful business, dreamers that are doers....
Wengen, Switzerland

Travel Switzerland: Beyond the Postcard

In late August, we embarked on a 3-week trip to Europe - Switzerland, and Italy specifically. While there, we experienced diverse climates and landscapes, saw...
Mukwanago, Wisconsin, The Elegant Farmer Apple Orchard

The Elegant Farmer: A Visit to the Orchard

This past weekend we finally made it to The Elegant Farmer, an apple orchard and market located in Mukwonago, Wisconsin – not too far from...
Porcupine Mountains, State Park, Michigan

Porcupine Mountains State Park: A Photo Diary

Nature is so healing. I could be in a horrendous mood, but the minute I step outside, breathe in the fresh air and get my...
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lakefront Trail

The Milwaukee Lakefront: Trails with Stellar Views

Last week I decided to ‘take on’ an article that I read, Only In Your State - Wisconsin edition. The piece was about the lakefront...
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum: A Feast for the Eyes

On the shoreline of Lake Michigan, amidst the vibrant city that is Milwaukee, you will find a masterpiece of architectural design – The Milwaukee Art...
Two Rivers, Wisconsin - London Dairy Alpacas

Alpaca Wine Tasting at London Dairy Alpaca Ranch

Since I was young I have always been drawn to the unusual. My curiosity knows no bounds, so when it comes to trying new things...
Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Fair

My First Wisconsin State Fair

Since moving to Wisconsin I have been able to incorporate some fun activities amidst the chaos of trying to move in and live out of...
Palm Beach, Florida - The Flagler Museum

The Flagler Museum: A Palm Beach Gem

Palm Beach is without a doubt known for its wealth and extravagance. Gawk-worthy homes, pristine landscape and beaches, and some of the most expensive shopping...